DIY Boho Vintage Hair & Make-Up: A step by step guide to getting the look by Team Era's Beth

When it comes to achieving authentic vintage styles, Bethany Jane Davies certainly knows how to deliver award winning style everytime. Today Bethany is sharing a DIY tutorial on how to achieve the perfect boho style - the perfect look for an informal Wedding or special occassion.

Boho Make Up

  • Prep the skin with a primer suited to your skin type.

  • Apply foundation; we used a dewy formulation for a fresh, natural look.

  • Conceal under the eyes and also any blemishes.

  • Set with a light powder all over the face or just the t zone if you have dry skin.

  • Using a shadow brush apply a warm bronze all over the lower lid and just above the crease of the eye.

  • Run this same colour along the lower lash line.

  • Next add a highlight, we used a gold.

  • Curl the lashes and add mascara to the lower and upper lashes.

  • Use a nude, peachy gloss on the lips.

  • On the cheeks use a pinky blush with a touch of shimmer for a dewy look.

  • Finish with bronzer. When applying use the number “3” shape as a guide. Start at the top of your forehead, brush along your cheekbones and sweep it across your jaw line.

  • Use a setting spray to secure the makeup.

Boho Hair

  • Start with hair that is at least 24-48 hours unwashed. If you have oily roots use dry shampoo. If you have very fine/straight hair you can pre-curl for volume or texture.

  • Section the hair in a centre or side parting.

  • Section the hair from ear to ear and clip the rest out of the way.

  • Spray with a salt spray to add texture.

  • Plait the hair loosely on the first side, repeat on the other side. Secure with fine elastic bands.

  • Tease the hair at the crown with a brush or comb, adding a small amount of hairspray at the roots.

  • Use your finger tips to loosen the braids.

  • Take a braid, sweep around the back of the head and pin in to place.

  • Repeat on the other side.

  • Divide the back of the head in to three sections and loosely braid.

  • Pin these in place at the back of the head, twisting them as you pin them, there is no set pattern to this.

  • Tuck the ends in.

  • Use your fingertips to loosen the braids, pulling out pieces until you are happy with the finished result.

  • Set with hairspray.

To complete the theme Silver Sixpence in her Shoe have styled this look with a selection of their beautiful handcrafted boho inspired head pieces.

Joni Headband - Launching soon contact Silver Sixpence in her Shoe for more details

So what are you waiting for ladies, just give it a go. We would love to see your results, just drop a post over on our facebook page An Era of Experience

Hair & Make-Up - Bethany Jane Davies - The Vintage Beauty Parlour

Accessories - Silver Sixpence in her Shoe

Photography - Lucy G

Venue: The Vintage Beauty Parlour, Manchester

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